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Workplace Coaching Event

Corporate Coaching Workshops 

Support and empower your workforce to enable self-awareness, increase self-confidence, resilience and productivity. Programmes are tailored to your specific organisation's requirements, however all programmes focus on equipping your staff with mindset & confidence tools. 


I understand the challenges in a corporate environment and so provide the 'just'right' combination of being people-centric & business focused.

At our initial consultation we can discuss your organisation's 'ways of working' and customise a course or programme to suit your needs.  Common formats are Weekly 90-120 minute group coaching sessions, or multiple half day workshops.  The structure and contents can be adapted from our regular group coaching syllabus to fit your requirements.

"When in a session with Lorna, you immediately get the sense that she is very present and 100% there with you.  She listens intently, and unpacks your confusion with clarity.  Her careful and wellframed questions gently provoke you to dig deeper into yourself, safely allowing hidden truths and answers to be revealed. 


I would highly recommend Courage & Confidence Coaching to anyone who is looking to evolve and become a better version of themselves."

michelle - auckland

Business Development Workshop Coach Lorna Rose

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”


In addition to improving performance and self-worth, equipping your team with Mindset & Confidence skills can: 

  • Improve Confidence

  • Build self-awareness

  • Increase resilience

  • Build EQ

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve relationships & communication

  • Improve overall wellbeing a coach can add value to your business

People are at the core of everything, and so moving the focus of learnings & development to people based skills is a natural step.  Supporting your staff to build their confidence, self-awareness, communication and mindset will enhance their professional and personal life.

Using a qualified and experienced external party allows collaboration and conversation to take place that otherwise may be constrained in a corporate environment.  

My focus whilst working with your team, is them, their engagement and their growth throughout the programme. I create a fun coaching environment to support teams to develop and hone their skills in order to keep evolving and  reach their fullest potential.  

A group workshop or programme environment allows participants to engage more with their colleagues, building more meaningful connections with each other.  It naturally promotes team building and participants learn from each other's experiences and contributions.

Group Coaching Workshop Auckland
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"coaching is one of the most effective leadership styles that can transform, empower & unlock peoples potential"

Farshad Asl

...that's where I can help

Having been in the corporate environment myself for 20 years, I have a good understanding and first hand experience of the challenges that can arise.  

My approach is a mix of guiding, educating and coaching.  I work with a structure but adapt and flex to the specific groups' needs. Facilitating rich conversation and encouraging and supporting the group to share their experience is key to a successful programme. 

Working with me will help your workforce to get more out of their personal and professional lives and who doesn't want happier, healthier colleagues and employees!

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