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This is a great, easy exercise to get you started thinking about setting goals and working towards a clear outcome. It’s useful to do this exercise coming up to a new month or final quarter of a year, so you have a defined set of time.


To achieve a goal it needs to be broken down into smaller chunks of actionable, manageable steps. If you’re wondering why you may need to do this when you already know what your goal is, well research shows you are 42% more likely to achieve your goal if it’s written down.


Download this goal setting exercise, and give it a try. You can use the weekly planner below in conjunction with this to plan out your week and your smaller steps to keep you accountable against your goal.

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weekly planner

A weekly planner is a timeless tool that I can’t live without, every Sunday night I use this to plan out my week ensuring my top priorities each day are in here.


Have you ever planned to go to the gym but you didn’t manage to fit it into your day?


Try downloading this planner, and scheduling in your must do’s in your week with a time set against them and see if that helps you to achieve them. It’s also a useful tool in reflecting back on your week and seeing what you did prioritise and what slipped away.

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