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Courage and Confidence Coaching, Auckland, New Zealand, Women's Life Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Personal Mindset Coaching, Say Hello to a New You

Say hello to
a new you!

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Courage and Confidence Coaching, Women's Life Coaching, Personal Training, Auckland

Are you feeling stuck or lost?

Are you lacking confidence & self-belief and forever dreaming of a life that could be more?

Welcome to a new way of thinking!


I'm Lorna and I help women who struggle with self-esteem & low confidence, to change their mindset, build their confidence and open up their lives.


Get ready to feel good about yourself again!


Working with me will help you gain clarity on your life goals and direction and create your own toolbelt which you can turn to for any future challenges.


Are you ready to turn that dream life into a reality?

Courage and Confidence Coaching, Auckland, New Zealand, Personalised Program, Techniques for Courage
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I embrace change and have the courage
to give things a go and the confidence to
believe I will succeed...

Courage and Confidence Coaching, Women's Life Coaching Auckland, New Zealand, Mindset Coaching

People often say to me...

"I wish I had your confidence", or "if only you could bottle what you’ve got…."


That’s what I’m here to offer.  I want all women to feel how I feel, full of confidence and belief that you can do anything you choose to!  

I provide a judgement free space for you to be completely you and will work on opening up a new way of thinking and approaching situations.


Whether that be unravelling suppressed feelings and emotions, uncovering why you think you can't find love or achieve success or regaining focus on achieving that life long dream!


We will work through all of this together and I will provide you with the tools & techniques to shift your mindset and put a plan in place for you to work to. 

Support with every step

I will be there every step of the way, for as long as you want me to.

I commit to supporting and encouraging you and keeping you accountable.

When challenges arise we will work through these together until you reach a point where you are comfortable to do this independently.

With a variety of tailored programmes to suit a range of different situations, the first step to your new journey can be with me, right here. 



Courage and Confidence Coaching, Set Goals, Renewed Focus

Renewed Focus

Let's focus on a specific short term goal to work towards, with guidance to help unlock the ingredients to get there.

From $700

Breaking Barriers, Women's Life Coaching, Auckland, New Zealand

Breaking Barriers

Do you have an idea of a goal or outcome in mind? But feel you have a long way to go before you can achieve it. Let's break down what’s holding you back and map out the clear steps to your goal.

From $1200

Women's Life Coaching, New Direction, Mindset Coaching

New Direction

If you're lost and feeling like you don’t know where to start, burnt out or have no idea where to go with your life next. 

This is the gold standard of coaching with the time and the detail we need to create a transformation.

From $1850

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"When in a session with Lorna, you immediately get the sense that she is very present and 100% there with you.  She listens intently, and unpacks your confusion with clarity.  Her careful and well-framed questions gently provoke you to dig deeper into yourself, safely allowing hidden truths and answers to be revealed.  I would highly recommend Courage & Confidence Coaching to anyone who is looking to evolve and become a better version of themselves."

michelle - auckland

Courage and Confidence Coaching Auckland New Zealand, Experince and Care, Mindset Coaching

Experience and care

Having spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world, I felt I had so much more to give and wanted to move my focus to working with individuals on a personal level.


Courage & Confidence was developed from a real want to make all women feel amazing and realise their worth.


With a natural ability to ask powerful questions, multiple qualifications in Coaching & NLP and a unique approach to achieving goals, I am the perfect person to work with you so you can experience life as it should be lived.

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